Stross on Unix religion

Unix history: a religious perspective. (I like the idea of Linux as a Protestant Reformation: "a new, freely copyable kernel that all the faithful could read with their own eyes")

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  1. And Mac isn't? Plus, isn't there a free fork of Android now? Not saying that Android isn't about making money, but it's hardly the only one that is, to be perfectly fair. Anything that isn't put out into the community, free of charge (or for a nominal fee, to cover costs of production), is profit making commodities. I'm not arguing they shouldn't be, but that they are.

  2. In the beginning was the command line.

  3. In the beginning were the sense switches.

  4. The analogy runs even deeper, at least if you look back to the OLD days.
    Like you were born into a specific religion (most likely the one your parents adhered to) you didn't get to choose your OS in the days before personal computers.
    You had to use whatever your school, college, office or whatever had and ran, and you had to run with it.

  5. Never saw no command line on no punchcard...
    CDC Cyber 172 + FORTRAN 77. Oh my.

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