Can a penis really get stuck in a vagina?

For once, the answer to a question in the headline is, "Well, quite possibly."

It's been 100 years since a well-documented case of penis captivus — i.e., penis-stuck-in-vagina syndrome — appeared in the medical literature. But that doesn't mean it's a total myth. The BBC's Health Check discusses the physiological mechanisms that could lead to such an unpleasant event and explains why there are lots of anecdotal stories surrounding something that's thought to be "vanishingly rare" from a medical perspective. Hint: While very, very, very few people end up needing medical treatment for penis captivus, there may be many more who get temporarily-but-disconcertingly stuck for a few seconds.

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  1. This is where I leave the phrase 'penile degloving', along with the warning not to google it, right?

  2. Thank god I'm at work and won't look that up.

    I know dogs are "tied" to one another after sex for awhile. But that's from the design of the dog's penis.

    THIS lady could probably hold on to you for awhile if she wanted.

  3. sr105 says:

    Favorite part: "sounds like a spell from Harry Potter"

  4. There was a young couple named Kelly,
    Who once got stuck belly to belly,
    Because in their haste,
    They used library paste,
    Instead of petroleum jelly.

  5. When I was in third grade, I heard from authoritative sources that it's absolutely possible, and those sources were also in third grade.

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