GOP declares war on itself

GOP power-brokers have raised a $50M war-chest to fight the nomination of "fools" to GOP seats in the upcoming mid-term elections. Effectively, the Republican big-business-friendly establishment has declared war on the Tea Party, in an effort to ensure donors that the slate will not be full of what Matt Taibbi calls "a bottomless pit of brainless Bachmanns and Cruzes and Santorums, all convinced our Harvard-educated president is a sleeper-cell Arab and that Satan is a literal being intent on conquering Nebraska with U.N. troops."

Taibbi is, as always, fucking incandescent on the subject. He points out the delicious irony of svengalis like Karl Rove and Dick Armey -- who put GW Bush in the White House by gleefully pandering to the ignorant and prejudiced with "faith-based initiatives" to bring in "the nuts" (as Rove calls evangelicals when he thinks he's in private) and Swift-Boating -- now having to keep those people from derailing the party and scaring off all the millionaires and billionaires.

If they're going to keep on donating to the GOP, they need to be assured that the party's elected reps understand that gay marriage and no-abortion-for-rape-victims are just distracting side-shows to win votes, and should be set aside once in office to pursue the serious business of looting the nation and spying on everyone to prevent any kind of popular uprising.

For Rove, if that required handing out chestnuts like the "Faith-based thing" to the "nuts," or indulging John Ashcroft’s pathological fear of marble tits, so be it – the important thing was that in the end, Cheney’s energy buddies got their Clear Skies Act, the biotech donors got their Prescription Drug Benefit Act, the consumer credit vampires got their Bankruptcy Bill, and so on.

With Armey and the Tea Party, the "movement" was about always about rallying ordinary struggling Americans behind an idealized anti-tax/deregulatory agenda that, in an amazing coincidence, also favored the super-wealthy industrialists who happened to be backing groups like FreedomWorks.

The problem with blowing off the whole governing thing in favor of a decade-plus of cynical pandering and generally treating presidential politics like a fraternity pranking competition is that it eventually comes back to bite you.

If you spend years letting your voters think Saddam Hussein was an agent of al-Qaeda, that passing a national health care program will result in the formation of Stalinist "death panels," or that Barack Obama is secretly a foreigner, you’re going to end up with some loopy candidates prone to saying crazy things that will turn off voting majorities, which in turn will make it hard to the deliver policy objectives you actually care about for your big-money donors.

The Republican establishment is only just figuring this out. Hence this new $50 million initiative, which according to the WSJ will involve the Chamber working with party leaders in“an aggressive effort to groom and support more centrist Republican candidates.”

On Christmas, Republicans Quietly Declare War on Themselves [Matt Taibbi/Rolling Stone]

(Image: Karl Rove Republican Thief, a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from 102627552@N04's photostream)

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  1. Yes. We must defeat the GOP and elect the most liberal Democratic candidate available to prevent "the serious business of looting the nation and spying on everyone to prevent any kind of popular uprising." That has really worked out well, hasn't it?

  2. Not the point. Try to keep up.

  3. Yes, while utilized as sideshows they are serious about curtailin human rights in these regards as it paves the way for further unsuccessful, weird homogenization of culture toward a fictional ideal that serves practically no one.

    Round up or at least silence all the wimmins libbers, gays, 'lectuals, colors that furgit their place & the traitors these groups employ... & you're left with something remarkably easy to manipulate. A population of serfs that won't speak truth to power because they are either frightened or wearing a badge that fools them into thinking they are the arm & not the baton.

  4. I've got news for you: the Clintons and Obama are essentially center-right, and look at how they are regarded by the Republican establishment. Good luck with the future - considering how well California is doing now that the Republicans have been reduced to a rump superminority party.

  5. But Obama is about as liberal as David Cameron. If your republicans move to center right then they'll be your left-wing party.

    As an outsider looking in id say Obama has done a terrible job, but I don't see anyone saying otherwise. Seems to be a common tactic of the US conservative to suggest that liberals only blame the right for Obamas failings - which is a fallacy.

    That said the republicans have done a marvellous job at preventing the current president from doing pretty much anything that he did want to do. They even managed to shut down the government not long ago, over a policy that most of the western world consider a basic human right.

    We're not talking left vs right vs nuts here, we're talking right vs nuts vs terrifying.

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