Rock poster community fights back for one of its own, San Francisco 1/3/14

On Monday October 21, 2013, rock-poster artist Alan Forbes was standing outside a bar in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco, minding his own business, when someone coldcocked him, completely out of the blue. The only thing taken was his cell phone, but Forbes’s assailant left him with two skull fractures, migraines, and enough damage to his right eye that he’s eventually going to need glasses.

Like a lot of self-employed artists, Forbes had no health insurance (he does now…), but the rock-poster community and fellow artists such as Delano Garcia, Marco Almera, Mishka Westell, Malleus, Tyler Stout, Matt Leunig, and Gary Houston have rallied to help him pay his medical bills, contributing posters for two benefit events in San Francisco. The first was held in December at The Chapel; the second happens on January 4, 2014, at Bottom of the Hill and includes a rare collaboration between Forbes and Marq Spusta, with screenprinting donated by Monolith Press in Emeryville (see image above).

As in December, the upcoming benefit features lots of music, too, provided this time around by Black Cobra, Lecherous Gaze, Pins of Light, and Kicker. And yes, there’s a show poster, by Adam Pobiak, with printing once again by Monolith. Doors at 8:30, first band at 9. For more information, visit Secret Serpents.