Facial tracking software for webcams

"It will cost less than a fancy dessert"

FaceRig is a program enabling anyone with a webcam to digitally embody any character they want. For now we're focusing on just the portrait, but we aim to do more in the future.

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  1. I'm ruined for any technology that requires me to use a webcam.

    Our contemporary reality seems like the digital love child of Philip K Dick and Margaret Atwood entire catalogs.

    It is like playing out "the Ceremony" with my Perky Pat and Connie Companion dolls.

  2. @BackToYouJim wait what? is that just because of the webcam because i know what you are talking about but i don't see the link between the pp layouts and webcams.

    As for this kickstarter product. it sends my FRAUD FAKE alarm into motion. They need to show us some live action not some cute girl to beguile us enough to throw money at some vaporware.

    Do not give money till they prove a few things.

    1. Show some wireframes being overlayed over the human face and character emoting both LIVE.

    2. Show us pictures of the developers and their credentials.

    Note: I am in the field and IMHO the video looks like they rendered it in something like marmoset toolbag version 2 and they had the girl do the motions after the fact.

    As a note there are pieces of software that does do this type of animation but it requires what is called a depth camera like the xbox 360 kinect.


  3. True. Tech demos are the tool of the devil especially with this since all other proper software can't do this without some assistance like multi cameras or tracking markers.
    I'm guessing it'll be like that talking cat app in the end. which just lip synchs based on sound.

  4. bersl2 says:

    Via an announcement on their IndieGoGo page:

    I will admit that this particular pitch, when I heard it two weeks ago, utterly defeated my skepticism, and I threw $50 their way within the hour, so I haven't really investigated at all. Shame on me, I suppose, if it goes wrong.

  5. That sound you heard was all the furries and hentai fans climaxing at once.

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