Snake: crowdfunding an encrypted, easy-to-use social network

Riccardo sez, "Snake is an end-to-end encrypted social network running in a browser (standard Web page or plugin) or as a mobile application. We already have a prototype but we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to make it real, and we need your help! Our aim is to make it easy for *everyone* to have one-to-one and many-to-many secure communications, using an interface similar to classic social networks such as Facebook."

This is not only an UI problem, but also more structural: we started from something similar to PGP but improved its scalability in group communication, usability and privacy. For instance, we worked on a way to authenticate public keys without requiring to meet the other end in person (through the Socialist Millionaires' Protocol, a method similar to the one OTR uses) and without disclosing relationships to the public, as happens with PGP's Web of Trust.

Moreover, our implementation of the storage server provides anonymity of data: this means that in case of seizure not only the contents of the messages is protected, but also the metadata and it's therefore impossible to understand who is the sender of a message or whether two users are friends or not.

We chose the state of the art cryptographic primitives in each area: for encryption we use AES in GCM mode, for digital signatures we use ECDSA over secp256r1 and for the key agreement we use FHMQV-C. If you want to know more, take a look at the "Features" page and at the FAQ.

Snake: the privacy-aware social network