Device found on New York-bound plane forces emergency landing in Kansas City

Matthew says: "An American Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Kansas City after a passenger left a USB flash drive in the bathroom. The FBI now says the device was taped to the bathroom ventilation duct and contained a small camera."

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  1. M_Dub says:

    "Security officials, including the FBI in Kansas City, were working to determine who owns the device."

    In a related story, documents from Edward Snowden reveal the NSA listed airplane bathrooms as possible meeting places for terrorists.

  2. What an interesting use of the word "force." We're not actually required to live in a state of panic twelve years after 9/11. It's optional.

    Even back then, I didn't understand the logic that patriotic Americans had to demonstrate pants-wetting terror in order to fight terror. But why do we still live that way now?

  3. micah says:

    I'm sure there's a website somewhere that subspecializes in this particular flavor of creepy voyeurism. Shudder. (Not going to look for one.)

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