The coming era of Glass

Theodore Ross on Google Glass: "Glass will free your hands, but your eyes, let alone your ass or mind, may not follow. If it gains wide acceptance, however, it could necessitate the creation of new rules of decorum..." [Medium]

Notable Replies

  1. Does 'punch the glassholes' count as a new rule of decorum?

  2. Franko says:

    what about punching people who call people "glassholes"?

  3. I think Google is missing out on some great cross promotional opportunities. Some sort of package deal that includes the glasses, a segway, and maybe a fanny pack. They could call it "The Self Important Techno-Douche Trifecta".

    I've yet to see anyone wearing Google glass in the wild yet, but when I do I'll immediately know that the person wearing them is the least interesting person in the room.

  4. Perhaps someday searching for the term Borg Mullet will lead to Glass photos rather than Bjorn Borg...

  5. My biggest issue with google glass is simply that it looks stupid. Put some lenses in those glasses and they immediately stop looking so insanely dumb. It's like someone thought: "bluetooth earpieces don't really make one look like a douche anymore. What else can we do...?"

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