Help restore the Doggie Diner Heads!


The Doggie Diner heads, icons of San Francisco's underground culture, are in desperate need of restoration. For twenty years, John Law -- pictured above with the Boing Boing crew and Adam Savage -- has cared for these lovely puppies that are now pushing 50. He and his co-conspirators have tirelessly driven them around the region to the overwhelming delight of young and old. For free. John is now seeking donations to restore them to their former glory. Please support the Doggie Diner Makeover at Kickstarter if you can! Here's what John has to say:

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photo: Scott Beale/Laughing Squid

As you may know, I and a small handful of friends have been bringing these local icons to charity events, parades, and art happenings for the last 20 years FOR FREE and for the sheer joy of it. These local icons are the only things that seem to brighten the day of everyone who sees them—every time—and for me, that is worth all the labor and expenses that I have poured into them years.

Twenty years of hauling them around on a rickety trailer and 50 years in the sun has taken its toll, and they are in desperate need of repair. But restoring a vintage, 10-foot-tall, 300lb fiberglass and metal sculpture is complicated, labor intensive, and expensive—and we have three of them! We need to raise $48K in just 30 days to get the work done, and can use all the help we can get to spread the word.

Doggie Diner Makeover