Help wanted: Creative Commons is hiring a new CEO

Creative Commons is hiring a new CEO [PDF], who'll run the organization which currently has a $3M budget and a staff of 20. They're looking for someone who can lead, fundraise, and grow the organization.

Creative Commons is at an inflection point in its history. In the coming years, CC will pursue strategies that expand use of its licenses and promote a robust knowledge-sharing ecosystem. The organization recognizes that many paths lay open for pursuing these objectives, and the search for a new chief executive offers an opportunity to explore new ideas for services, products, advocacy, policies and programs. The new leader will oversee continued stewardship of CC’s licenses and also seek new opportunities to expand knowledge-sharing through the internet.

Creative Commons San Francisco Bay Area, CA CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Notable Replies

  1. The problem with working for Creative Commons is that anyone can come up to you and take part of your paycheck, so long as they properly attribute you as the source when spending the money.

  2. Creative commons is at an inflection point? You mean, it's second derivative is changing sign? Does the person who wrote that even know what an inflection point is?

  3. sigh

    Okay, fine, I'll do it. But you guys owe me.

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