USFWS proposes dropping 1.3 tons of rat poison into National Wildlife Refuge


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  1. NoOneSpecific

    To be clear, I am not specifically against the use of a poison to eradicate a menace to the local ecosystem. I am against the proposed method of application. FTA: "USFWS wants to use helicopters to drop 1.3 metric tons of brodifacoum (in the form of loose rat poison pellets) over the Farallon Islands..." So, at best a 'spray and pray' approach of distribution which will result in the poison dissolving in any gathered water, ponds, puddles, etc and being ingested by an that drink from this source.

    A better solution would be to employ a targeted approach with small packets of poison being placed (by hand) by USFWS agents in areas of high population concentration and let them eat it. Pretty sure that 500ml milk carton (styled) packaging is easily available and mice/rats will easily tear open a milk carton if it senses a food source inside. A little peanut butter and problem solved.

    Do this and you focus the rat poison where it is most needed. You drastically reduce cross sampling. You use less poison. Win/Win/Win.

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