Danish dough whisk, fantastic kitchen tool

While I like to bake bread, I hate to drag out my standing mixer. That'd be fine except I've found that properly kneading sourdough is really important. This Danish dough whisk is the answer!

Good for balls of dough up to 2lbs in size, the dough whisk quickly and effectively mixes things up. The curly-q'd series of graduated sized rings really gets the job done.

Notable Replies

  1. Dane here. Most people I know use them almost exclusively to stir/combine ground meat for things like meatloaf and danish meatballs (yes, that's a thing too).

    They're beyond great for that sort of thing, since they have so little resistance. OH, and the top, right where the metal connects to the wood? That is a real bacteria trap. So uhm, caveat emptor, I guess.

  2. I think I just learned a new insult to use on people I don't like.

  3. Which is why it's actually better to use for dough rather than raw meat.

  4. For years, maybe 25 now, I have used what is basically an over-size potato masher; I bought it at the hardware store, where it was sold as a stirrer for sheetrock mud...as I have aged and the arthritis set into my hands, it has been a great tool to have around!

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