Great overview of Oglaf, the fantastic fantasy webcomic

Osvaldo Oyola: "Oglaf uses humor and fantasy to throw off the banality of typical sexual fantasy by taking it to its absurd ends. If there is one recurring theme it is how our desires, when allowed to become wishes in a world where wishes can be granted, lead to the most bizarre consequences. And while some of those consequences would be as undesirable as a horn growing out of the back of your head, the humor and openness of the series reminds the reader of the very queer possibilities of all sex."

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  1. This is really one of my great pleasures, and is mentioned on my dating profiles to scare away the timid while luring the adventurous. It is so not-straight, so twisted but fun, and so shameless in how much they REALLY like sex, that I would count it as one of the better webcomics out there.

    Just because very few others treat sex quite as well.

  2. Glitch says:

    Trudy Cooper is amazing. I'm a longtime fan of her previous printed-and-web comic "Platinum Grit", currently on hiatus.

    She has a wonderfully bizarre sense of humor, writes intricate and engaging characters, and has an eye for such extreme detail that you can find something new and interesting about an update practically every time you reread it.

    I cannot recommend her and her work highly enough.

  3. Shuck says:

    Oh gods, yes, it's a great and frequently hilarious comic. You could also strip (no double entendre intended) all the sex comics out of there and you'd still be left with a solidly comedic fantasy comic.

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