We Cause Scenes: documentary on Improv Everywhere

Today marks the release of We Cause Scenes, a feature-length documentary on the the legendary Improv Everywhere troupe, which was pieced together from over twelve years' worth of footage of daring, comic, wonderful public scenes. We've been writing about Improv Everywhere for years, and a tour through our archives reveals such delights as the annual No-Pants subway ride, the Star Wars subway car, the NYC sidewalk tourist-lane, Lost at the Knicks game, Grand Central Station mass-freeze and Shirtless at Abercrombie and Fitch.

We Cause Scenes is available as a DRM-free high-def download direct from the production company -- $13, or $15 with bonus features -- and comes with an impressive pedigree from the festival circuit, having been selected for SXSW, Hotdocs, and many others.