Produce an anti-corruption photo and win a year's supply of Ben and Jerry's

I've posted before about Ben "Ben and Jerry's" Cohen's Stamp Stampede project: Cohen is calling on enemies of corruption to stamp messages opposing the Citizens United Supreme Court decision on dollar bills. Citizens United allows for unlimited political spending, on the grounds that money is speech and corporations are people.

Cohen's running a competition to produce the best Stamp Stampede promotional photo: grand prize is a year's supply (52 pints) of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream.

The 2nd Annual Stampede Photo Contest is currently underway and will end on January 18.

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  1. mwiik says:

    Uh, what's the prize, a year's supply or 52 pints?

  2. How about, "We pretend we're an indie brand but are actually part of the same massive multinational conglomerate that manufactures Slim-Fast and Axe Body Spray."

    Though I suppose that doesn't fit neatly on a dollar bill, or an agenda.

  3. I always feel that the word "corruption" is simply inadequate to imply how hijacked the entire political process is. No-one's necessarily doing anything illegal when the law is expressly created to benefit "contributors".

  4. You're obviously not being making a serious, honest post here, but those influencing factors already exist so that's kind of meaningless. The rest is just silly. There are other countries that do a pretty good job of keeping money and corruption out of politics so your "It will always be corrupt" argument doesn't hold water.

    And the "NY Times" haha... really?...

  5. Ding Ding!!! Now I see that it was the Koch Bros. financing post that lured you to Boing Boing (in the first place) to defend them. Glad we can all see clearly where your campaign finance concerns are really coming from now.

    No I am serious. And it is an honest argument. I find it annoying that you question my honesty rather than just pointing out why I am wrong.

    Well! So convincing...... Go create a new account I guess...

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