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  1. Andrew_Berry

    I agree, growing up as a kid in Philadelphia in the 80's we all adored this show. Running home from the school bus to make sure we were on time to catch it. I was innocent at the time but knew something was wrong with the edited dubs; when Dash said "“Knox got out right behind you". we laughed. "Yeah, in a million pieces he did."

    I live in MN now and I guess it was not on TV here back in the day. Friends and co-workers don't have a clue what I am talking about.

    This movie was fun, just like Transformers, watch it for entertainment. The combination of elements from Comet Empire really helped the story. And yes, the "combat IQ-9" was a "YAY!" moment for me. Did you see the deleted scene in the credits where he salutes Kodai?

  2. lorq

    I'm struck by just how close both this live-action feature and the updated Yamato 2199 series are to the original in look and feel. Kudos to the producers of both for basically saying, "For God's sake, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

  3. William_Holz


    When I was 8 or 9 years old. My younger sister and I used to watch this EVERY morning obsessively. One day our local TV station changed their programming and replaced it with some Warner Brothers toon.

    My sister and I called the TV station and complained (we were a bit precocious) and I'm pretty sure we made the lady who answered the phone feel really, really awful because my sister spent most of the time bawling and begging them to put her show back on.

    A few weeks later they had!

    I'm off to show her this like . .right now!

  4. davidwleslie

    If you live in the Columbus Ohio area, you can see Space Battleship Yamato on the big screen at the Gateway Film Center starting Jan 29th.
    Details are over on GFC web site: http://gatewayfilmcenter.com/movies/movie-detail/?id=1671

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