KONG Extreme dog toy

Nemo pictured with his KONG Extreme extra large.

Nemo and Pretzel love toys. On rainy days and lazy afternoons I am always trying out toy, after toy. The Treat Triad and the Kibble Nibble were both good finds, but nothing has eclipsed the entertainment power of our KONG Extreme.

I tend to fill the KONG with a mixture of peanut butter and kibble, my dogs are willing to work for it. Sometimes it rolls under a table or is forgotten, by me, for weeks at a time, the dogs, however, never forget.

Durable (if my Great Pyr hasn't destroyed it, it'll take a determined maniac to rip the dense rubber apart,) easy to wash and easy to reload. If you've got a lot of dog that needs a lot of distracting, you should probably have a KONG around.

KONG Extreme dog toy