KONG Extreme dog toy

Nemo pictured with his KONG Extreme extra large.

Nemo and Pretzel love toys. On rainy days and lazy afternoons I am always trying out toy, after toy. The Treat Triad and the Kibble Nibble were both good finds, but nothing has eclipsed the entertainment power of our KONG Extreme.

I tend to fill the KONG with a mixture of peanut butter and kibble, my dogs are willing to work for it. Sometimes it rolls under a table or is forgotten, by me, for weeks at a time, the dogs, however, never forget.

Durable (if my Great Pyr hasn't destroyed it, it'll take a determined maniac to rip the dense rubber apart,) easy to wash and easy to reload. If you've got a lot of dog that needs a lot of distracting, you should probably have a KONG around.

KONG Extreme dog toy

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  1. We just got a KONG genius toy (this one, and we got the big one to hold more food) for our border collie mix and it's amazing. We already had one of the simple KONGs like the one mentioned in this post but we found it was too easy for our dog to get too many treats at the beginning and too hard at the end so she would give up. The genius toy consistently gives her small amounts of kibble for a moderate amount of work, keeping her interested but not going too fast. We're now feeding her most of her meals out of it and it's keeping her active for at least an hour a day.

  2. Yep says:

    Those names. Someone should build a quiz page - "Sex Toy or Pet Toy?"

  3. under any other brand, these would be sex toys.

  4. We have had a few of these (none destroyed, but some lost of hidden) and they work well. But after we gave our doggie stuffing-free plush toys it was impossible to even interest her. Yes, she destroys the plushies in days-not-weeks. And yes we have disgusting chewed pieces of plush. But she enjoys them even more so it's tolerated smile

    (we love our animals :D)

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