Archer tonight! Danger Zone.

Tonight, on FX at 10PM EST, Archer returns! The worlds most self-centered secret agent, Sterling Archer, and the rest of the ISIS crew will be back to bumbling.

Danger Zone, Lana.

I can't wait!

Previous seasons available on Netflix and Amazon.

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  1. xzzy says:

    I generally don't get too excited over new seasons of TV shows, but I've been slobbering for this since they announced the new season last fall.

    It's pretty much the funniest show on TV. First three seasons are on netflix instant video if you haven't seen it.. well worth a marathon viewing.

  2. I can't see this incredible show in my language and I hate the whole human race for this.

  3. @Steampunk banana I live in Italy, and while I can understand english I feel like the jokes would gain a lot told in italian. Also I would love to watch with all my friends who do have some difficulties with foreign languages

  4. Shit, Archer in Italian? That show is made for that language, I'm very surprised they haven't dubbed it yet.

  5. FX is still a fairly small channel. They probably don't have the resources for seeking out international opportunities.

    Claudio needs to convince his local studio to license the show and dub it with local talent. They would make a fortune.

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