The Classic Lego Space Flight Jacket

Our friends at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories painted a leather bomber jacket with the 1970s and 80s “Classic Lego Space” logo. They included step-by-step instructions for painting your own. It involves stripping the shiny stuff off the leather and using special acrylic leather paint.

I like the design of Angelus' products. I want to buy them to place on my curio shelf.

The Classic Lego Space Flight Jacket

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  1. "Shut up and take my money" doesn't seem to carry the required weight of statement required for this situation.

  2. grimc says:

    This is a weird question, but this post seems like a good place to ask: Could you tattoo leather, and what would the results be like?

  3. I frequently appreciate various pop culture/nostalgia-themed items of clothing, without having much of a desire to actually own or wear them. For one thing, they are usually t-shirts (or tights, or hoodies, or kilts, etc.) and therefore not coherent with my "look."

    But this... I want it bad.

  4. petzl says:

    I'd probably never do this project, yet I found it incredibly satisfying to know exactly how it is done.

  5. +1 would wear

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