'Land of the Lost,' the complete 1974 television series

Xeni and I are both freaking out about how much we loved this series as kids. Sid and Marty Krofft's Land of the Lost is truly a classic that provides even more entertainment now than it did as a child.

Join the picture perfect American Marshall family. Adventuring somewhere in the wildness are Marshall, his son Will and daughter Holly. When a random dimensonal portal opens up they are dramatically transported to THE LAND OF THE LOST. Here, they struggle amongst the wackiest looking dinosaurs, including one named Dopey, a small gaggle of awesome Pakuni and the fearsome yet mindless Sleestak.

For years I've pondered things like Cha-ka's strange dedication to Holly, the family's relationship to Grumpy the t-rex and that awful Dad for Uncle swap they pulled off. Now, with this complete set of each episode at hand I can rewatch favorites and bore my friends with insane minutiae. Perhaps I can finally figure out how those crystals worked.

I love the song played during the closing credits too...

Land of the Lost: The Complete Series

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  1. Another fun Krofft tidbit: They built an indoor amusement park based on their shows. In one of the marque rides you sat in a giant pinball and was shot and bumped around a huge multi level pinball machine. It suffered from mechanical problems and the theme park never truly gained traction so it was closed after only six months. Today the building that housed their amusement park is the headquarters of CNN.

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