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  1. SamSam

    Note: post below has little to do with the videos. TL;DR I think the videos are great! The site could just use a bit of help.

    These seem pretty neat, but as someone who has lots of experience with science teachers (writing software for them and being married to one), I'd say this isn't well targeted at them.

    The site is great as a blog, for someone who is just interested in scrolling through lots of science videos. But a teacher who wants material for their lesson is going to have no idea how to find this stuff. Sure, a Physics teacher could scroll down and find the first Physics-tagged video (assuming there is always one on the front page), click on the Physics tag, and scroll through a bunch of other videos, but most teachers aren't going to know how to do that. They're just going to scroll through lots of unrelated content and get annoyed.

    The tagging system itself doesn't make sense either. Many videos are tagged with both a subject and a grade level, but if you click on the tag you see that these are actually more like categories, because you can only click on one. So this makes tagging something with both "Physics" and "A-Levels" almost pointless, because as an A-Level Physics teacher you can't find all the A-Level Physics videos -- you either find all the Physics videos or all the A-Level videos.

    I think this site could be really great, but if they're going to get bigger then they really need to sit down and think about their metadata, and how teachers find the resources they want. An example of a possible good resource finder would use optional filters (subject, grade-level) which can be used to find all resources within a subject and/or grade, alongside an optional search box (or even tag cloud) that would respect the filters.

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