Author makes $30k/month selling self published Bigfoot erotica

Without Pesco, she'd be making half that.

Monster Porn Is the Latest Wrinkle in Self-Published Smut

Notable Replies

  1. Rated 1/5 because this is not canon: Bigfoot's supposed to be so sneaky you never see him coming.

  2. Wow. Time to take my ten-volume steamy Cupachabra epic out of the trunk.

  3. I thought those things just sucked goats.

  4. I'll stick with peer-reviewed Bigfoot erotica, thank you very much.

  5. Goats, and people innocently wearing their favorite goat costume going for a perfectly innocent walk in the fields on a moonlit evening, a warm breeze ruffling their wooly locks . . .

    Oh, crap, here I go giving it away for free!

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