Not Playing Podcast 008: Lethal Weapon of Mass Destruction

In each episode of Not Playing, Lex Friedman and Dan Moren watch movies they've never seen – but that everyone else has. Watch the classics again for the first time, with Lex and Dan!

Lex is a gruff-but-loving family man. Dan is a maverick on the edge. Together, they team up for a mission only they can accomplish: watching the 1987 buddy-cop classic Lethal Weapon. Which Lex has never seen—otherwise he’d know exactly how that mission turns out.

Hot topics include Mel Gibson’s hair, strange birthday rituals, L.A. traffic, and dealing with the dichotomy of the sometimes terrible things people do and whether that should be viewed as distinct from the art they create.

This fine episode reaches your ears thanks to the support of Audible, who invites you, dear listeners, to grab a free audiobook along with a 30-day trial of the service.

As with every episode of Not Playing, there are two versions of this episode available:

The Bite-Sized Version: We discuss what we know about the film before we watch, and then share our reactions immediately after the credits roll.

The Commentary Track: We still discuss what we know about the film before we start watching it. Then, we provide a real-time commentary track on the film as it unfolds—and you can tag along. We’ll tell you when to press Play.

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