Glenn Greenwald appears on Bill Maher (who calls Edward Snowden "totally batsh*t")


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  1. aar_hodges

    Of course Bill Maher knows more about the NSA than someone who worked inside of the NSA. Someone put a needle in his ego balloon.

  2. IMB

    Bill Maher doesn't want to educate himself. He gets off on the superiority complex and dismissing Snowden as some other batshit crazy conspiracy lunatic. Maher enjoys being part of the machinery as much as Bill O'Reilly does, as someone said above. Fuck him and his ego and ignorance.

  3. hdb

    Maher hammered on the quote from Snowden that said something like "...they can go back in time and know every friend you've ever discussed something with..." If you appended "on the Internet" to Snowden's quote, I don't think that is "fing nuts". Lost respect for Maher on this one.

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