Leather goods made from recycled baseball mitts

Fielder's Choice Goods makes leather goods from recycled baseball mitts, choosing cuts that showcase the worked-in patina from a lifetime of play. The best pieces are the wallets, which are, alas, sold out. Let's hope there's more in production!

Fielder's Choice Goods (via Core77)

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  1. mtdna says:

    It would be cool to commission them to do a custom one with your own little league glove.

  2. I love the concept, but those look terribly made. Strong enough, perhaps, but crude.

  3. Wish I had access to a source for the mitts. If I had enough money to blow on unnecessary stuff, I'd love a sofa made of recycled baseball mitts.

  4. IMB says:

    I think the crudeness or rough construction is its charm.

  5. Yeah, I can see that. But my preference would be for meticulous construction as an aesthetic contrast to the recycled and imperfect (but very interesting and charming) raw materials.

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