Snowden 2014 calendar

Dan W's Edward Snowden 2014 Calendar is a rather subtle commentary on the cult of personality. Snowden has staunchly avoided the public eye, so much so that there aren't enough photos of him to fill a calendar; instead, it's just the same picture every month, except for Sept/Oct/Nov, which are slightly different framegrabs.

Edward Snowden 2014 Calendar (Thanks, Alice!)

Notable Replies

  1. But but but he's just doing it for his own ego!

  2. weejoy says:

    It's always struck me as funny that there's only one picture of him like George Washington or Captain Cook. God bless these heroic geeks smile

  3. You know, Captian Cook could have found a way to get from Russia (or Hong Kong) to Ecuador.

  4. Gem says:

    I've seen some Che Guevara calendars like that!

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