"I Have A Dream" (August 28, 1963)

"Tell them about the dream, Martin!"

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  1. Somebody should ask Obama whom he feels a greater kinship to ... MLK Jr or the feds who used surveillance and spying to try and destroy him because he was inconvenient to their power.

    Because from where I'm sitting it is pretty obvious which side Obama is on today.

  2. Yes yes yes.

    Enough already of the kinder, gentler, less challenging version of King that so many white people prefer.

  3. This summer I attended a family reunion in Montgomery, AL. This is where my grandparents lived and even during my childhood it was still highly segregated, though segregation was no longer the law.

    As part of our family activities, we went to the Rosa Parks museum, which is very nice - and I can't even tell you how refreshing it is to see Montgomery embracing its place in civil rights history.

    During our tour we had a guide who talked to the exhibits. It was the first time that it hit me what an incredible force MLK was; how young he was when he led the Dexter Street Baptist Church and forced the buses to desegregate. How he put his life and his family's lives at risk to lead the bus boycott.

    One of the things they showed us at the museum that either I had never known or it had just passed right by me when I learned it was that there was an entire alternative public transportation system that was organized by the Dexter Street Baptist Church in the blink of an eye, so that protesters would be able to get around without the buses, and that churches and supporters all throughout the US were buying these huge station wagons and sending them down to serve as buses.

    They also showed us how, with no Internet, they organized the vote to support Rosa Parks' legal fight quite literally overnight.

    That church and the NAACP was just a hell of an organization to pull off the things that they did. It really impressed upon me how determined people were to end the awful laws in Montgomery and all over the South.

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