Honda's miniature motorcycle reviewed

I'm thinking of getting a Grom, an inexpensive, fuel-efficient new bike from Honda. Joel Johnson likes his a lot: it sounds like the best of both worlds when it comes to scooters and motorcycles.

That light weight changes the "intimidation factor" of the motorcycle. Riding the Grom doesn't feel like you've just swung your leg over a headstone with an exhaust. Everyone larger than a toddler can easily put both feet on the ground at a stop; keeping the bike upright when it starts to lean over takes little-to-no muscle. It almost feels like a toy.

But then somewhere in the top end of second gear the little 9-horsepower engine overcomes its trifling torque and gets some real speed under your butt, cruising between 35 and 45 mph with ease.

He warns that it's not that great for suburban commuting, though, thanks to a top speed in the 50s. And it's still a grand pricier than Honda's other hip little machine, the 50cc Ruckus, which has a similarly utilitarian vibe. I just can't decide!