$1.6M for man who repeatedly anal-probed by NM cops who thought he had drugs


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  1. hojo

    The whole appeal to authority is no excuse. These MDs are criminal rapists, as Dr_Awkward said above. I would classify them as worse than the cops in that regard, as the physicians actually did the invasive procedures against the guy's will; the cops were only giving instructions. What was the possible downside for the MDs if they refused??!? Would the cops haul them in on trumped up charges--the old "failure to comply with an officer of the law" crap?

    I never understood how Russia went communist, how Japan went insane with nationalism, what happened in Rwanda, or any of the other madness of crowds things, but seeing horrors like this take place in my country makes me realize that there are plenty of quietly psychopathic monsters lurking in all kinds of positions at all times. All it takes is a nudge and they pop out, ready to turn in neighbors, trample the helpless, and aid and abet a criminal authority.

  2. Shuck

    It's not nearly enough money yet. Although Deming appears to be quite small and the settlement is likely significant to them (since they're paying most of it), I don't see the amount as big enough that larger cities are going to take notice (this is "it's cheaper to settle than to fight it" levels of cash for them), much less preventatively rein in police as a result, and smaller towns don't usually have a level of police oversight where they might do something about it either. I mean, hell, the city isn't even admitting any wrongdoing.

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