C3PO and Stormtrooper onesies

The C3PO onesie isn't quite a kigurumi, but it sure does look cozy. $70, sizes S to XXX-L. Pair it with a Storm Trooper armor onesie and order now to get it in time for a Valentine's Day game of "Naughty droid and stern Imperial foot-slogger."

[Insert "droid you're looking for" joke here.]

Star Wars C-3PO Costume Hooded Union Suit (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Notable Replies

  1. These are cool, though they need a han solo and a boba fett

  2. Or footies.

  3. Pet peeve: Those are called "sleepers", not "onesies". Onesies are t-shirts with snaps in the crotch. (Actually, I should say Onesies™, because it's a registered trademark belonging to Gerber Products.)

    I have no idea why so many people seem to have suddenly forgotten the perfectly good word "sleeper" and substituted a brand name for a completely different garment. It's like if everybody decided one day that overcoats were called "fruit-of-the-looms". Please could we just call it what it's called?

  4. Seriously, these are just horrible.

  5. Yeah, you can finally nix it after these long 45 minutes. You forgot to mention gun control.

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