Food studio that makes edible fireworks, four-ton punchbowls, and floats a steamship in 55K litres of green jelly

Bompas and Parr are a London-based "food-nerd" studio that makes weird and amazing foodstuffs, including an edible fireworks display for New Years Eve that showered revelers with strawberry smoke, peach-flavored snow, orange bubbles and banana confetti. In a fascinating profile in Wired, they reveal something of their methodology and their portfolio, which sounds delicious and ambitious.

They’ve designed a series of tasting rooms at Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, worked with Courvoisier to build a four-ton punchbowl that visitors could row across (and drink from) and floated a life-size steamship, the SS Great Britain, in 55,000 liters of lime green jelly....

Clearly, Bompas and Parr do not have typical jobs. Their studio, which employs 10 people, has a kitchen for cooking, a warehouse for experimenting, a library filled with research book and is basically a maze of objects: champagne sabres, a gong to announce meal time, a tiny piece of Princess Diana’s hair used to make occult jam. You know, the usual.

Meet the Mad Scientists Who Invented Edible Fireworks [Liz Stinson/Wired]