How to draw Adventure Time characters

Cartoon producer Fred Seibert posted this fun and informative sixteen-page manual with tips for drawing Finn & Jake from Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time series. Ward is one of the best character designers around! (Via Super Punch)

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  1. Eksrae says:

    Hey, look! Finn and Jake are Open Source! This is the kind of show that brings back the whimsy of old-time cartoons but updates it without useless noise and superficial pandering. These characters weren't slapped together by committee; someone actually cared about what they were putting their name on.

  2. Glitch says:

    Truly, a Wonderful Thing.

  3. NickyG says:

    Algebraic! I love how AT can be goofy as heck one moment, and then verge on dark, moody, sad, and creepy within moments. One of my faves.

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