Some designers are grieving over Squarespace's logo design tool

On Twitter, some designers are going through the five stages of grief over Squarespace's logo designer tool.

Denial: "This is garbage."

Anger: "This is infuriating. I thought better of Squarespace."

Bargaining: "As a professional Designer, I am thinking about discontinuing my web service with them."

Depression: "This Squarespace Logo maker is gonna put a lot of people out of work."

Acceptance: "The people making a logo in Squarespace weren't going to hire you anyway. At least now they have a simple tool to use."

Notable Replies

  1. But, but, technology was only supposed to replace the people below me... Fuck you, the future!

  2. In fact, typing "ham" in a search window is widely accepted to be the best way to start any design project.

  3. mrmcd says:

    You see because the popsicle looks like a butt.

  4. It's not a tool; it's a TOY.

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