No More Road Trips? American road-trip movie made with found home-movie footage

Rogue archivist Rick Prelinger writes, "Last year I finished my archival road movie, No More Road Trips? It's a composite road trip made from my archives of over 10,000 home movies, hoping to ask the question: have we come to the end of the open road? You can read about all that online, but I wanted to point to my 'trailer,' which is 798 high-definition images from the film shown at 12 frames per second. I hope it expresses some of my fascination with the American roadscape, especially as it looked during the down-at-the-heels 1930s and optimistic 1950s-1960s."

(Thanks, Rick!)

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  1. xzzy says:

    Only thing that would kill road trips is a lack of interest. The link makes the claim that rising fuel costs make it unreasonable, but I think if you do the math the value of airplane travel goes down as the number of people in the group goes up. Especially as 40+ mpg sedans start to become common.

    I've driven across the US about once a year for the past 6 years and enjoy every bit of it. The view from a plane is pretty unique and interesting in its own way, but you don't get to absorb the ambience like you do in a car.

    The only downsides to road trips is the interstates. They're certainly the fastest way to travel, but they're extremely sterile. Travel on smaller state routes and use state parks as rest areas and the interest level goes way up.

  2. The bigger hassle it is to fly, the more attractive a road trip becomes. Flying is about the destination, but driving is about how you get there.

  3. Ratel says:

    I loathe driving, and sorely wish rail travel was a reasonable possibility in this blighted country. Also, you get less of the pestilence of small towns if you take the train.

  4. Dejoh says:

    Every small town is unique and has an interesting history if you take the time out of your busy life and explore.
    I've seen towns in Montana where all the young people left, and the only residents are senior citizens.
    After that its called a ghost town.

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