Crovel II: an extreme multi-purpose field-shovel tailor-made for zombie-killing

Thinkgeek's Crovel Extreme II is an "extreme shovel" -- as in "extremely lethal." It's basically a cross between a field shovel and a crowbar, but it also sports a hammer, woodworking chisel, saw, and bottle opener, and comes with an optional "super spike" add-on, whose nominal purpose is to " break ice, split wood, breach walls, and chip rocks or cement more effectively." But as Rob Bricken points out, that spike gives the crovel a serious similarity to the zombie-killing weapon deployed by Lobo in Max Brooks's World War Z. The crovel with spike is $170, which is a non-trivial sum, even for such a handsome chimera, but on the plus side, there's no shipping charge. Depending on your partner's proclivities, this could just be the most romantic Valentine's Day gift in the history of love itself.

Crovel Extreme II

Notable Replies

  1. My experience with those flip out shovels is that the joint is always under-engineered and it breaks the first time you really need it. I'm not paying $170 to figure out if these guys have solved the problem yet or not.

  2. Salgak says:

    You want something for the Zombie Apocalypse, get a Halligan Bar. It's a fireman's tool, but it's pretty much a Lobo. . .

  3. phuzz says:

    Nice to see it's got a bottle opener on it as well.

  4. jimh says:

    I like the paracord handle. I've wrapped my ice axe that way. It's a great way to store the cord and create a grippable surface, and you never know when the paracord will come in handy (quite often when backpacking)!

  5. Spence says:

    That's true, but most of those deaths are due to accidents because of the sheer ubiquity of that type of rifle.
    Not to mention it's often the first type of firearm people use/buy and is often given to children.

    You don't exactly see armed forces carrying a .22 into battle.

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