Lost Internet Classics: Joe Sparks' 'Radiskull'

Kata Sutra's latest Boing Boing T-shirt brought this incredible bit of internet timewasting history to mind.

Joe Spark's wonderful cartoons were all the rage in 2000! How I wish we'd seen more of Radiskull and Devil Doll.

Well! ...With .. My ..

Main man Radiskull, I am hangin'

we never come knockin' cause we always come bangin'

poppin' like a weasel

nova like a caine

truckin' like a diesel

we're gonna cause you


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Notable Replies

  1. I forgot all about this, and now I feel...old.

  2. That's a blast from the past, or my name isn't Hard Drinkin' Lincoln!

  3. I still bring my girlfriend her coffee "boiling hot" to which she still says "Yeeeeeeeeeaaah!"

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