This Day in Blogging History: Punk space program; Latvian hospital fetish restaurant; Delivering Wifi by motorcycle in Cambodia

One year ago today
Punk Voyager: when the punks launched their own space-probe: Shaenon Garrity story about punks at the twilight of the 1970s who are drunkenly outraged to discover that the Voyager probe has been launched with classical music records for aliens. They build their own Voyager probe out of garbage, razor-blades, beer cans and a surfboard some douchebag left on the beach, filled with all the most important human artifacts that they can find in their van. They forget about it as the 80s roar in, and then the aliens come to Earth and cockpunch Ronald Reagan.

Five years ago today
Hospital fetish restaurant in Latvia: Hospitalis in Riga, Latvia, a hospital themed restaurant where, "the food is served in syringes, flasks and operating-room dishes, and customers can be tied up in straight jackets."

Ten years ago today
Cambodian hybrid motorcycle/WiFi network: Motorcyclists pull up to schools, download all the email, drive to the next village, and dump off copies of locally-destined mail, picking up that community's load and delivering it along to the next town.