7 ways to make beaches safer for humans without killing sharks

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Marine biologist David Shiffman of Southern Fried Science outlines a number of methods for making beaches that humans and sharks both like to frequent more safe for humans, without killing any of the sharks. Some involve technology. Some don't. And one is: if you can't beat 'em, just close the beach.

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  1. Eksrae says:

    Don't let the fly-by-night vendors fool you -- there's no such thing as an Emergency Floatation Ham. Total ripoff.

  2. Making us safe is not important. What matters most is making us feel safe, and killing sharks is right up there with confiscating terror-shampoo.

  3. Stove says:

    Correct. The Western Australian government already does 5 of the 7 suggestions on the list - I don't think we've ever tried towing sharks out to sea, and I'm not sure how much research they sponsor.The measures are pretty effective. Most people attacked by sharks are in unprotected areas or are in the water when nobody is keeping an eye on things (like dawn and dusk)

    The culling is purely for tourism. If you're known as the shark attack capital of the world, you want people to see you being decisive and taking action - however useless those actions may be.

  4. Nine: frickin lasers.

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