This Is Not a Conspiracy Theory, Part One of a New Web Series by Kirby Ferguson

Kirby Ferguson, creator of Everything Is a Remix, has launched the first installment of his serial documentary project about "the forces that that shape us." In this first entertaining episode, Ferguson explains why people fall for conspiracy theories.

He says: "To see future episodes you will need to subscribe. Launch price is $12; the price will rise to $15 later. This project has been my labor of love for the past couple years and I hope you will you enjoy it."

This is Not a Conspiracy Theory (Part 1) (Via Laughing Squid)

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  1. miasm says:

    Even the word 'conspiracy' has become so loaded, the insult 'conspiracy theory' need hardly ever be used. It would be nice to see a cynical, yet not too 'look-at-me-I'm-so-cynical' unpacking of the culturally inheritable baggage that goes with the modern usage.

    I am reminded of Joe Rogans take on the 9/11 conspiracy.
    "Do you believe that people flew planes into the buildings that day?"
    [To which most people say "Of course" or "Yes"]
    "Well those people conspired to fly those planes into those buildings and they succeeded."

    It's not a 'Conspiracy Theory™' as such because it actually happened. It was still a conspiracy by a group of criminals.

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