Network Solutions not sure if it will opt random customers into $1,850 "domain protection" plan

Are you one of those Old Net Hands who has a domain stashed with the always-terrible Network Solutions (now Time to move it somewhere sensible (I use and recommend Hover): Netsol is moving random domains (they say it's high traffic, high Pagerank sites, but who knows what that means) into a $1850 protection racket -- but don't worry, they're only going to auto-bill your card $1,350 per year, per domain, after the first year. Netsol initially insisted that this would be an opt-out program, then changed their tune and said it would be opt-in. But even if you opt in, $1,850 is an awful lot of cash to charge for setting the REGISTRAR-LOCK bit in a database, and it's unclear why they're charging $1,350 a year to leave it that way.

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  1. jjsaul says:

    Sounds like they're getting into the renewal-sniping domain squatting business.

  2. it's unclear why they're charging $1,350 a year to leave it that way.

    Because they think they can get away with it if they target people who don't pay close attention to their domain bills. Of everything on the internet, it's the Domain Name system that seems to attract by far the most assholes.

  3. xzzy says:

    It blows my mind this company is still in business, they were my first registrar back in the late 90's and it wasn't even their high prices that drove me off.. it was the comically inept support when I had a problem. I would literally tell them what the solution was and it would take months to get the fix.

    There was a time when they were THE registrar. The general consensus in the ISP community was the money was justified by the fact that netsol knew what they were doing.. and they completely threw that away and are now the laughing stock of the internet.

  4. Spocko says:

    How are they with privacy proxy? I have it on one of my domains but the dicks at godaddy have this bullshit rule that if you want to move to another domain host they open up your domain for something like 14 days during the transfer. It's totally a lock in trick and is not necessary. But I need a registrar that can provide privacy instantly.

  5. Protip: Don't move to Godaddy.

    That's one of those things that's kind of insulting to be told, but if you're still with NetSol you need all the advice you can get.

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