Short-circuiting the Facebook tease video Link

Rob Cockerham says: "The Internet has a long history of tricking people into clicking on things. The latest version of this is the scourge of Facebook posts linking to Upworthy and Viralnova. The links promise something amazing, tear-jerking or unbelievable, while not quite giving two shreds of actual information about the video. I can't stand this tactic. I have a possible solution: Spoil the surprise. Just describe the goddamn mystery in the first comment."

Short-circuiting the Facebook tease video Link

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  1. It's right up there with the advertising gimmick used by lazy ad people: "who's Salt?" Screw you! If you won't tell me I sure as heck ain't gonna check out the website. I've seen this tactic used so many times on subway an bus ads.

  2. IMB says:

    This has been going on forever with local news stations. "Is that bagel going to kill you? Find out at 11".

  3. All hype headlines that ask a question can be answered, No.

  4. Won't someone come forth to make this brave sacrifice? Where is a hero when we need one?

  5. I love @HuffPoSpoilers on twitter. They retweet @HuffingtonPost headlines spoiling the clickbait.

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