'The Many Colored Land' classic SciFi/Fantasy by Julian May


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  1. GilbertWham

    I read the shit out of these as a kid. Loved 'em. I should probably read them again, but I probably could still recite entire plotlines.

  2. lolipop_jones

    A great read, though I found the Pliocene books to be a lot more fun than the Milieu series. Aiken Drum is far and away my favorite character.

  3. helljinx

    This has been one of my favorites for years. Last time I re-read it I kept thinking it would make a kickass HBO series.

  4. Immutable_Mike

    Yup, totally loved these and their tattered blue covers (at least the Australian paperbacks I have) smile at me from the bookcase.

    I enjoyed the Milieu books at least as much. Uncle Rogi isn't Aiken Drum but he's still a pretty compelling character.

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