'Boobies Rock' cancer-scamming scumbag jailed for two weeks after launching new scholarship scam

Here's some of the branding used by Boobies Rock. Seems legit.

Adam Cole Shyrock, noted douchebag.

In Colorado, a scamming sonofabitch charged with collecting about $2 million through sales of breast-cancer-awareness merchandise, none of which helped breast cancer charities, has been sentenced to 14 days in jail. We wrote about this dirtbag back in 2012, when the Illinois state attorney general began investigating his cancer-scam activities.

The Denver Post today reports that Adam Cole Shyrock was jailed for running a new scam in violation of a court order. He wrote a $36,000 check on a frozen Wells Fargo bank account to a T-shirt manufacturer to make t-shirts for "I Heart This Bar," a new scheme purporting to raise money for college scholarships. Man, some people never learn. Snip:

Shryock, the founder of Boobies Rock!, The Se7ven Group and Say No 2 Cancer, allegedly held promotions all over the country, mostly in bars, and hired promotional models to "take donations" on behalf of Boobies Rock, saying the company was raising money for breast-cancer nonprofit groups. The models sold T-shirts, beer koozies, bracelets and other items with pro-breast or anti-cancer images and slogans. According to court documents, the models told bar owners and customers that 40 to 90 percent of donations would go to cancer-related charities.

Models raising money for the fake scholarship fund sold "I Heart This Bar" shirts in stadium parking lots. "In reality, the 'scholarship fund' was nothing more than a cash bonus for the promotional managers and the entire scheme ran afoul of the court's orders," Attorney General John Suthers said in a statement Thursday.

"Boobies Rock! founder ordered to jail for nationwide charity scam" [Denver Post]

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Notable Replies

  1. Even if it wasn't a scam "Boobies Rock" in connection with cancer is pretty uncool. Breast cancer is about a serious disease and the women who are fighting it, not about sexy titties.

  2. Fourteen days?

  3. Ahhhh, and on the other side of that line is "Save the Boobies", whose donation was turned down by the Komen Foundation, because the campaign was run by Pornhub - not the 'Boobies Rock' scumbag.
    Although, as editorial writers have mentioned, Komen is happy to take money from large corporations that produce known carcinogenic products.

    Note to Komen, scumbags, et al.: It's not about marketing or perceptions of misogyny. It's not all about the money, either. It's about the work to be done, and the discoveries to be made, and the actual solutions everyone is waiting for. Because somewhere not too far from all the insanity with the dollar signs all over it, are a whole lot of people struggling with cancer. Not their spouses, kids, friends, or supporters, however sympathetic. The patients, themselves. That's the one group who understands that all opinions are the luxury of the living. They'd like to keep having some, too . Please see to that, k?

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