Woman in Korea earns over $9K/month eating food in front of her webcam

Park Seo-yeon, 34, eats in front of a video camera during her eating show in her apartment in Incheon, west of Seoul January 22, 2014. [REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji]

The latest fad in South Korea, reports Reuters: "Gastronomic Voyeurism." They have the best broadband and some of the best food over there, what's not to love? There are about 3,500 people doing webshows like this in South Korea, Reuters reports.

Shown in the photo and video in this post, Park Seo-yeon, aka The Diva. She webcasts about three hours daily from her apartment in the city of Incheon. She eats alone, and thousands of viewers watch and chat with her real-time. The fad has become a lucrative way for thousands of online diners to GET PAID TO SIT AROUND AND EAT FOOD "while serving up a sense of community in the wealthy Asian country's increasingly solitary society."

Rule 34.

[via Fark]