Bieber and Ford as Gilligan and the Skipper

Here's this week's unidentified bit of net.clever seeking reidentification: a photoshopped Gilligan's Island image with Justin Beiber as Gilligan and Toronto's crack-smoking, Bieber-defending mayor Rob Ford as the Skipper -- found in Steve Silberman's Twitter stream. Do you know who made it? Weigh in in the comments and I'll add attribution to the post.

Notable Replies

  1. Where IS that Gilligan's Island big-screen reboot?

    I know the photo is going for Canadians, but if we're also going for contemporary public trainwrecks, I nominate Miley Cyrus as Ginger.

  2. If we're going with a Canadian theme, I suggest Ted Cruz as Mr. Howell.

  3. Is anyone running a book on whether Ford or Bieber will be dead first? Not that I'm a gambling man; I'm just curious to see which way the market leans.

  4. Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
    A tale of a fake Blood/Crip,
    A laughable, drunk bumblefuck,
    And their ego trips.

    Captured high on video,
    The Mayor refused to leave:
    His Worship was 'just under it,'
    Not drunkwalking on his knees...

    The Biebs was was a mighty arrogant
    Ridiculous manqué.
    If not for his plethora of follicles,
    Who'd know him today?
    Who'd know him today?*

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