Canadian Wifi spying: Harper's secretary spins, lies, and slanders in Parliament

Following on this week's Snowden leak detailing how Canadian spy agency CSEC illegally intercepted free airport Wifi and used it to track Canadians as they moved around the country, Paul Calandra, parliamentary secretary to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, stood up in Parliament and issued a non-denial saying that the CBC had it all wrong, but not saying in what way.

The most shameful part of this was when Calandra used ad hominem to distract his audience from his government's criminal acts, slandering journalist Glenn Greenwald by calling him a "porn-spy," incorrectly stating that Greenwald had sold the leaked documents to the CBC, and then making a big deal out of the fact that Greenwald's bank account is in Brazil. The last part would be a bit mysterious, except for the fact that Greenwald lives in Brazil.

Mr. Speaker, last night the CBC aired a misleading report on Canada's signals intelligence agency, Communications Security Establishment Canada. These documents were stolen by former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden and sold to the CBC by Glenn Greenwald. Canada's signals intelligence agency has been clear that the CBC story is incorrect, yet the CBC went ahead and published it anyway.

Here are the facts: Before the story aired, CSEC made clear that nothing in the stolen documents showed that Canadians' communications were targeted, collected, or used, nor that travellers' movements were tracked.

In addition, CSEC's activities are regularly reviewed by an independent watchdog who has consistently found it has followed the law.

Why is furthering porn-spy Glenn Greenwald's agenda and lining his Brazilian bank account more important than maintaining the public broadcaster's journalistic integrity?

Canadian Gov't Responds To Spying Revelations By Saying It's All A Lie And Calling Glenn Greenwald A 'Porn Spy' [Mike Masnick/Techdirt]

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  1. So I suppose technically the CBC did pay for the documents... in that they hired Mr. Greenwald as a freelance journalist. I have no idea how many freelance journalist are on the CBC payroll but given the cutbacks and the fact that they can't send reporters everywhere they'd like, I suspect it is quite high. Still no less suspicious then the fact that he deposited the money in a bank local to where he lives, in a manor similar, I'm sure, to every other freelance journalist on the planet.

    Of course this is par for the course for the Harper Government. If someone presents facts or evidence contrary to what they want the population to believe they discredit and then the cut financing.

  2. What is a "porn-spy" and how can I become one?

  3. There is no intellectually honest way to say that hiring a freelancer to write about a story they know is the same as paying a source for documents.

  4. Extra Harper points for yet another shot at the CBC (being the only broadcaster not owned by the 1% and thus on occasion prone to reporting facts and evidence that does not favour the Conservative worldview).

  5. Sun News people furiously masturbate at the prospect of being Fox News.

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