Kickstarting art installations in former Soviet prisons

Marina sez, "Our names are Marina Andrijčić-Ojeda and Catarina Ferreira and we are the artists and co-founders of The Penitentiary, a collaborative site-specific art exhibition to take place in abandoned war-era prisons throughout Eastern Europe."

Under this title, we will operate a series of independent projects to transform each prison's standing structure and explore its personal history by extending the use and availability of unrestricted public art. 'The Battery Project' will be the first of this series, and will take place at Soviet-era Patarei Prison in Tallinn, Estonia during the upcoming summer months. A portion of the prison will be dedicated to a consistent rotation of art exhibitions during this three month period.

During The Battery Project, we will install our own work while curating that of other artists worldwide to show alongside us. Artworks will span various mediums and occupy the abandoned, open spaces Patarei lends to us. Additionally, we will host performances, lectures, screenings, and dinners. We wish to invite the community and artists alike in re-introducing Patarei as a venue for creative response through fine art.

The Penitentiary : Battery Project (Thanks, Marina!)