This Day in Blogging History: Grotesque housewares; Ebook stupidity; Marvel and DC claim to own the word "Superhero"

One year ago today
Grotesque creature housewares and jewelry: Dogzillalives is makes jewelry and housewares studded with eyeballs, tentacles, yellowing fangs, stitched faux-skin, and more.

Five years ago today
Comprehensive excoriation of ebook stupidity: John Siracusa, a veteran of early ebook startup Peanut Press, does a fabulous job of cutting through the fuzzy thinking, excuse-making, bad history and missed opportunities of the past decade's worth of ebook ventures. This is a must-read essay for anyone thinking about the future of books and reading.

Ten years ago today
Marvel and DC claim they own "superhero": Creator Dan Taylor: "We received a letter from the trademark counsel to 'the two big comic book companies' claiming that they are the joint owners of the trademark 'SUPER HEROES' and variations thereof."