Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ticketed, allegedly for public intoxication, in Vancouver

More news of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's disastrous car-wreck of a life. After swearing off drugs and alcohol (and insisting that he didn't have a problem with either), he's not only been getting so loaded that he finds himself transformed into the lead in a terrible one-man amateur production of "The Harder They Come"; he also was allegedly so drunk after a family funeral in Vancouver that a cop gave him a ticket for public drunkenness and jaywalking. You'd think a man devoted to ending the "war on cars" would be more deferential to their place in the road.

Ford claims he wasn't ticketed for public intoxication, and that all he'd drunk was a "diet Coke."

Toronto Sun reporter Joe Warmington said Ford and former aide and long-time confidant David Price were each ticketed $109 for disobeying a pedestrian sign.

Ford told Warmington he was “shocked” and “embarrassed” and called the incident a waste of taxpayers’ money.

The mayor denied allegations he was ticketed for intoxication. “All I have had here is a Diet Coke,” he insisted.

Rob Ford ticketed in Vancouver for jaywalking [Justin McElroy and Paula Baker/Global]

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  1. Mayors tend to have a bit less power when in a city on the other side of the country. If it had been Toronto, I'd expect that he would have jaycrawled in a tutu while singing reggae.

  2. I'm getting quite tired of these Rob Ford stories. Unless he kills someone at this point, let's put a news filter on our Canadian friend.

  3. Cory, mi amor, you misspelled "laughable bumblefuck."

  4. Aren't we at the point where we can drop the word "Allegedly" from any headline concerning Rob Ford?

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