Imploding soda-can experiment in super slo-mo

The Time Benders recreated the classic science experiment in which a soda can with a little steaming water is plunged into a vessel of ice-water, causing the steam to rapidly condense, which leads to the sudden implosion of the can. It's a great experiment even in realtime, and slowed down like this, it's a marvel of physics.

Imploding Can Crusher - Time Bender #1 (via Oh Gizmo)

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  1. pjcamp says:

    Real men crush 55 gallon steel barrels.

    Real women too.

  2. Instantly I wanted to do things after watching this video.

    1st - Drink a can of A&W Rootbeer (which is uncommon in Aus, and reminds me of Canada)
    2nd - Perform this experiment in front of my wife.

  3. I tried this at home, and got a different result: Instead of imploding, the can sucked up the water from the dish I stuck it into. I was using Coca-Cola; maybe Coke cans are a hair stronger or something.

  4. Interesting. At first I was speculating that the crushing would be enhanced by some sort of one way valve, and then I speculated that the introduction of cold water to the interior of the can would accelerate the condensation process rather than ameleorate the pressure. The whole thing is kind of a BLEVE in reverse.

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